Free and easy DocBook on Windows (GPL'ed)

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Free and easy DocBook on Windows (GPL'ed)

전체글글쓴이: Seo Won Ho » 2005-07-18 6:30 pm

For those of you that want to save the hassle of manually setting up a DocBook environment, you might want to have a look at the >e-novative> DocBook Environment (eDE). It's a free GPL'ed ready-to-go DocBook environment for Windows.

Available at

eDE is the leading DocBook environment for Windows with unique features:

Quick and easy automated installation
All required software is installed and pre-configured automatically. You can start working right away.

Command line interface for easy automation
eDE is completely command-line based. The creation of documents can easily be integrated into build processes.

Supports DocBook articles and DocBook books
eDE provides templates that help you get started easily, even if you are new to XML. eDE can be used to write articles or books.

Supports boilerplate text
eDE supports document-wide and global boilerplate text to simplity reuse of commonly used text.

Flexible output configuration
An intelligent hierarchy of stylesheets and configration settings allows for easy and flexible customization of the generated documents.

Supports all DocBook XML tags
eDE supports all DocBook tags. The comprehensive original documentation by Norman Walsh is included.

Creates different output formats
With eDE you create various output formats from a single XML source, namely HTML (one page), HTML (mulitple pages), HTML Help and PDF.

Works with all editors and display programs
eDE works with every editor and display program (Acrobat, Ghostview, Browser). This makes integration into different development environments very easy.
Seo Won Ho

전체글글쓴이: 류광 » 2005-07-19 1:14 am

예전에 한 번 깔아봤는데 c:\docbook에만 설치할 수 있다는 제약이 마음에 안 들어서 바로 지웠던 기억이 있습니다....
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